Car Breaking/Selling Parts How It Works

1. Car breakers can upload as many cars as they want onto the website using the “Add Car” link (only takes 30 seconds.) or once registered we can create a private Whatsapp Group and you simply post a picture showing the car and reg and we do the rest (takes 5 seconds).
2. The car will remain on the site until you ask us to remove it, text “REMOVE” and the reg to 07860015268.
3. We currently have 1000+/week genuine customers who are looking for a replacement parts.
4. Your vehicle will be published on the site as well as shared in our “car breaking” facebook group.

Why FREE you ask?
We offer loads of other services such as Car Recovery, Garage Services, Scrap/Salvage Vehicle Valuations and Part Finder Services. If we can get just a few referrals from this site then the running cost of it will be covered.

Scrap/Salvage Vehicle Valuations
Car Recovery
Garage Services
Part Finder
Used Engines
Used Gearboxes